Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bug-Hunt Days March 2011 started!

Ralph Schindler announced Zend Framework Monthly Bug-hunt Days for 24-25-26 March. See detailed announcement in the news section on Zend Developers Network website.

Such event is organised every month to reduce the amount of open issues we have in ZF issue tracker.

Everyone can participate in the event and even win the priceless presents like Zend Framework T-shirt!

Why its important to participate in bug hunt days? well... you can:
  • communicate with the best PHP developers in the world;
  • improve the code base  you use everyday in your work;
  • learn Zend Framework internals and increase your QA skills;
  • and finally you will do a great work for all the people from Zend Framework community and that will give you a positive influence on your karma!

So make sure you have a signed CLA, join IRC channel and search for the Zend Framework issue you want to resolve.