Friday, March 4, 2011

How to Contribute to ZF2

Just found a very interesting link on Twitter from Matthew Weier O'Phinney about on how to contribute to Zend Framework. He describes all the bureaucratic procedures in order to start contributing.

There were no clear easy to understand single piece of document that contains step-by-step description in the human language about all the details that should be done by contributor. We have such document right now. Thanks to Matthew's great article on his blog named "How to Contribute to ZF2" that describes all the details.

Here is the general steps:

1. Create account on Issue Tracker (
2. Sign Contributors License Agreement and send it to Zend (
3. Join the developers community at GitHub (

To start your development you should clone the repository, create a separate branch for your hotfix or feature. After everything will be coded and you will be ready to contribute your code you should do two things: cover your code with tests and issue a pull request and some of dev-team members will review and accept you changes. It's very essential to cover your code with test, because it will help to keep ZF more stable and less affected with unpredictable or recurring bugs.

Right now development team works under new MVC implementation and the contributors from community can take their tasks from the following areas:

  • Contact component maintainers and ask for the tasks that needs to be done for each component.
  • If component, you are interested in, doesn't have maintainer then you can offer to take over maintenance.
  • Run individual tests for different components and help to fix test fails.
  • Look at new proposed documentation standard and start you work to update documentation to new format.
Have a great fun while contributing to Zend Framework!