Saturday, March 12, 2011

Got an idea? Create a Zend Framework proposal!

If you have a brilliant idea about the component, that should be a part of Zend Framework, you can create a proposal for that. After successful discussion and community prove - your proposal can be accepted for implementation.

Zend Framework is a community driven project and people (that has signed CLA) can contribute their ideas. Sometimes developers ask "how to prepare a documentation framework proposal?". Well, its very easy and takes only few steps:
  1. New. Write a proposal according to proposal requirements.
  2. Ready for review. Announce your proposal for community at mailing lists and IRC, to start a discussion. Don't forget to answer in comments to explain everyone why this component is important.
  3. Ready for recommendation. If your proposal was accepted by community, you have a lot of positive comments and adapted you proposal according to the recommendations of community members you can move it to review by Zend Framework Community Review Team (rc-team).
  4. Implementation! Implement your proposed component. Rc-team will guide you during next few steps to deliver your component to trunk and release.
The detailed information about creating of your proposal and moving it to implementation can be found on Zend Framework development Wiki in Proposal Process article and Proposers Wiki section.